Steam Carpet Cleaning Costs

Getting your carpet steam cleaned may sound like an expensive venture, but fact of the matter is that steam carpet cleaning costs will vary greatly depending on several factors. Some of the most important factors that will determine how much your stream carpet cleaning will are presented below.

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning Costs

The following are some of the key factors that will affect your steam carpet cleaning costs when contracting in a professional carpet cleaner:

  • How big your carpeted area is – if using a professional carpet cleaner, you will get a better price if you’re cleaning a bigger area. Therefore it may be advantageous to do all of your carpets at once, rather than one room now and another in a few months. The basic reasoning behind this is that a big part of the cost lies in getting the cleaner to bring the equipment around, and each additional square metre of carpet will only increase the cost by a small margin.
  • Whether you can move the furniture yourself – most carpet cleaners will be happy to move your furniture for you, but in most cases this will increase your steam carpet cleaning costs. If you’re able to move the furniture out of their way prior to their arrival, this could save you a bit of cash.
  • The condition your carpet is currently in – keeping your carpet in good condition through regular vacuuming and spot stain removal will decrease the cost of your steam clean. It will also prolong the life of your carpet.
  • Professional or moonlighter – hiring a professional steam carpet cleaner can be expensive, particularly if they are certified by a body such as the National Carpet Cleaners Association, though it does bring the advantage of guaranteed results. The cheaper alternative is to contract a semi-professional, of which there are many, though many of them are highly skilled it is important that you ask for references before hiring them.

Exact costs are difficult to predict as it will vary both by region, town, carpet condition and size. Any serious carpet cleaner will happily provide you with a quote, however, thus allowing you to compare several providers prior to purchasing their services.

Home Steam Carpet Cleaning Costs

Alternatively, you can purchase your own carpet cleaning machine for home use and do it yourself. There are a wide range of machines available for purchase and their price will generally vary between as little as £50 and as much as £1,500 – as with anything, you’re best off looking for reviews and spending a bit more rather than buying a cheap machine that won’t do the job properly. The costs involved in home steam carpet cleaning are:

  • Machine purchase – a one off cost that varies depending on your machine;
  • Alkaline or other pre-conditioning solvents – generally around £20;
  • Optional anti-staining agent – again around £20.

And there you have it. As with professional steam carpet cleaning, the cost of home steam carpet cleaning will vary depending on the condition of your carpet; if it is in horrendous shape, you may need to wash it several times and/or purchase a higher-end steamer.


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