Oriental Steam Carpet Cleaning

Oriental – sometimes referred to as Persian – carpets are very frail things indeed. Beautifully handmade, they must be treated with respect, love, and care; they certainly aren’t suitable for a home filled with children and pets! Much like the carpets, or rugs, themselves, cleaning them is a very delicate matter and one must use extreme care in doing so in order to preserve the carpet’s colours, fibres, and ‘fringes’. Oriental steam carpet cleaning is therefore never to be done – indeed, it can be highly damaging to the rug!

Why Oriental Steam Carpet Cleaning is a Bad Idea

Steam carpet cleaning is generally one of the best ways to get a carpet clean, particularly when using domestic versions of the equipment, as the machinery needed can be purchased at a comparably good price and the results delivered are very good indeed.  This, however, only applies to newer carpets that are specifically made to withstand such deep-rooted cleaning, and should never be used on fine, handmade, oriental carpets.

Indeed, oriental steam carpet cleaning can lead to the rapid deterioration of the carpet in question through:

  • Bleeding – due to quantity of water used, and the high pressure with which it is applied to the carpet, steam cleaning of oriental carpets may make the colours bleed into each other.
  • Drying –oriental carpets should never be left wet, or submerged into water, as this too can cause bleeding. By its very nature steam cleaning will leave the rug very wet indeed.
  • Temperature – the water that comes out of a steam cleaner is, as the name implies, very hot. This will accelerate the deterioration brought on by the exposure to water as mentioned above, in an effect similar to washing clothes on a high temperature.

How to Clean Your Oriental Carpet

So if you can’t steam it, how do you clean it? Well, unfortunately there is no method that will allow you to do a deep clean of your oriental carpet at home. If it requires a deep and thorough clean, which at some point it certainly will, don’t attempt to do it yourself; leave it with a professional carpet cleaner who specialises in delicate carpets. Ask you oriental carpet dealer for a recommendation.

There are couple of things you can do to keep your oriental carpet in good shape without relying on oriental carpet steam cleaning, however:

    • Vacuum it regularly – but make sure not to go over the fringe, as this can be damaging to them and may, in time, lead to them snapping off.
    • Clean up stains immediately – use a paper towel or cloth. If required, apply a small quantity of water and dab carefully, repeat as needed until the stain is gone. Do not use a spot stain remover. Club soda may prove more effective than tap water.
    • Use a carpet pad to protect the back side of your rug from excessive dirt; this will also stop it slipping around.
    • If stored, ensure that you air it out regularly to avoid a build-up of animals such as moths, which can damage an oriental carpet beyond rescue.


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