Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning is a popular method of carpet sanitation, which is commonly used both commercially and at home through cheaper home appliances. Interestingly, though the name would imply that steam is used in the cleaning process, it is in fact not; the water is heater up to between 50 and 120 degrees Celsius in the machine, but loses much of its heat as it passes through hoses and manifolds prior to actually reaching the carpet itself, at which point it will have been cooled down to the extent where it is once again liquid.

Steam Carpet Cleaning at Home

A clean carpet is a healthy carpet and the National Carpet Cleaners Association recommend that you clean your carpets thoroughly once every 12-18 months (alternatively, check with the manufacturer of your carpet for cleaning guidelines for your carpet, as they may vary). While vacuuming gets rid of superficial dirt, which plays a key role in keeping your carpet in good condition, it does not clean as deeply as a stream carpet cleaner.

There are several steam carpet cleaning machines available for home use, and a quick search on the internet will bring back a long list of alternatives, generally starting around £40 with higher end models costing upwards of £1,300 pounds. Generally speaking there is no  need to buy a machine at the higher end of the price scale for home use, as with most home appliances you will find a good price/performance ratio around the top of the lower quarter price segment – so around £300-400 will buy you a good machine. Many home steam carpet cleaning machines also come with fittings that allow you to steam clean furniture, curtains and clothing.

Advantages of Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning provides a host of advantages over simply vacuuming your carpet, and can be particularly important if you suffer from allergies or have children (as they are often more sensitive to dirt and dust than adults, and spend a lot more time crawling around on the floor). Some of the key advantages are:

  • Your carpets will appear much cleaner- indeed, you may be surprised to find just how much of a cosmetic difference steam carpet cleaning makes over simply vacuuming.
  • Your carpets will last much longer – getting rid of superficial dirt, through vacuuming, is key in keeping your carpets in good nick and will make them last much longer. Steam cleaning adds significantly to their life by cleaning deeper than a vacuum ever could.
  • Steam carpet cleaning gets rid of dust, pet hairs, and other allergens efficiently, as well as removing stains that a hoover can’t budge.
  • After treating your carpets to a deep steam clean, you have the option of treating them with an anti-staining product, which will keep your carpets from absorbing liquids to a much higher extent than an untreated material.

Steam carpet cleaning can also be highly cost effective, as it is possible to do it yourself without having to contact a professional. It is recommended, however, that you read the manual of your device carefully prior to beginning the cleaning process, and always try in an inconspicuous place before cleaning your entire carpet.


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