Commercial Steam Carpet Cleaning

Both home and business owners can benefit greatly from employing a commercial steam carpet cleaning service provider on a regular basis to keep their carpets in good shape. Unfortunately, carpet cleaning (vacuuming apart) often falls in the category of things that we forget about easily or don’t place much priority on as it doesn’t seem very important at first glance, and vacuuming can often get rid of eye-catching superficial dirt and leave carpets looking healthy enough. Fact of the matter is, however, that there is a high proportion of dirt that vacuuming alone can’t get rid of, as it is too deeply rooted in the carpet itself. After reading this article, both home and business owners should hopefully have gained a bit of insight into the importance of having their carpets cleaned by a professional.

For Business Owners

As a business owner you will know the importance of presentation; first impressions will have a huge impact on your customers, and this goes for both staff and facilities. You will employ cleaners to hoover, mop, wipe down and polish surfaces, and wash your windows. Part of their job will be to keep carpets clean, but armed with merely a vacuum they can only do so much. Commercial steam carpet cleaning will help:

  • Get rid of deep rooted dirt, allergens, mould and mildew – you may be surprised to find just how dirt hides deep inside your carpet.
  • Prolong the lifespan of your carpet – a carpet in a commercial facility will have to endure hundreds, even thousands, of footsteps every single day, and many of said feet will have shoes on. All of this leads to gradual deterioration of your carpet, and a deep steam clean can help refresh your carpet and keep it healthy.
  • Slow the speed at which your carpet gathers dirt, and prevent it from staining – commercial steam carpet cleaners will apply an anti-staining solution to your carpet as a part of the cleaning process, thus ensuring that it stays cleaner for longer.
  • Give your room a fresher look and smell – getting rid of deep rooted dirt does not only affect the look of the carpet, but will give it a fresher smell.

For Home Owners

Many of the benefits provided above are similar for home owners, and commercial steam cleaning is important as:

  • It keeps your carpet in good condition, meaning that you don’t have to replace it as soon.
  • It increases the value of your home, as any other maintenance.
  • It removes allergens such as pet hair, dust, and mould. This is particularly important for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and children.
  • It gives your room a fresher look and smell.
  • It removes stains that regular vacuuming, spot stain removal solutions or even domestic carpet steam cleaners can’t budge.

Commercial steam carpet cleaning, then, is an important part of keeping your home or business facilities in good condition, and provides both health, hygiene, visual and olfactory advantages. It doesn’t have to cost the earth either, and you can bring costs down by keeping your carpets in good condition throughout the year by vacuuming regularly and using spot stain removal solutions directly after noticing a spill or other stain.


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