How Often Is Best To Steam Carpet Clean

Steam carpet cleaning is without a doubt the best way to maintain your carpet and keep it in top condition. It is also the most recommended method of cleaning carpets by carpet manufacturers. Cleaning allows for the removal of dirt, spot clean chemicals, and the removal of bacteria, which may be residing in your carpet and could be a health hazard. Steam cleaning also allows you to be sure of your family’s safety, especially if you have young children who are crawling. This is because non toxic chemicals are used to clean the carpet, unlike with other methods of cleaning.

How often should you really steam clean the carpet?

In as much as steam cleaning is the best method to clean your carpet, finding the right frequency to do this is also important. This is because the detergents used should not be used frequently as they could spoil your fabric. Since the method involves the use of hot water extraction, using it several times in a month will make your carpet start balling up and losing its shape and texture. You therefore have to ensure you get the right cleaning schedule that will ensure your carpet is clean, its quality is preserved, and that you do not end up having a threadbare carpet.

There are several factors that determine how often you can clean your carpet. You need to consider all of them while thinking of the right schedule. These include:

  • The manufacturer’s specification
  • Type of fabric
  • Your budget
  • Traffic and dirt levels in your house
  • Health concerns

Carpet manufacturers usually give guidance on how often you should undertake steam carpet cleaning. This is based on the technical aspects of the carpet, and therefore, it is important to follow their specifications. At times, the warranty of the carpet depends on the number of times you will clean it too. Failure to follow the instructions could result in the warranty becoming void. You also need to look at the type of fabric you are using to avoid spoiling it. This is especially important if your rug is made from wool.

It is obvious that the number of times you have your carpet professionally cleaned will depend on your budget. Some households can afford professional cleaning on a more regular basis than others. Another thing that will define how long you clean your carpet would be the traffic levels in your home, and the dirt you accumulate. If you have cats, dogs, and young children, you may have to do more regular cleaning.

Recommended cleaning frequency

Most manufacturers recommend that you have your carpet professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Should you face budget strains, you can have it cleaned every 2 years. On the other hand, if you are facing lots of dirt, you can resort to small cleaning schedules once a month. These should not use heavy detergents and you can concentrate them on areas of high traffic or spill, levels. Overall, the cleaning frequency will ultimately depend on how much dirt the carpet accumulates as well as the material it is made from.


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