How Long Does Steam Carpet Cleaning Process Take

An elegant, clean and attractive carpet basically enhances the home’s decor. The dirt, dust and small amounts of debris that collect in the carpet’s fibres can pose a great danger to the entire family. This being the case, occasionally steam cleaning the carpet is essential. Normally, the carpet cleaning process is quite time consuming and tedious, especially if you use the old carpet cleaning technology. To accomplish the carpet cleaning task, there are various cleaning methods you could employ. For instance, you can try the steam carpet cleaning method. But how long does steam carpet cleaning process take?

Well, the steam carpet cleaning process is quite fast when compared to other types of carpet cleaning processes. Nowadays, almost everyone is employing this method to clean their office or home carpet. There are many benefits associated with the steam carpet cleaning method. For one, any type of a carpet fibre can be cleaned this way. Additionally, it is a very fast way of cleaning up the carpet.

Why is steam carpet cleaning faster than other carpet cleaning methods?

Steam carpet cleaning is science at its best and not magic as some people tend to think. Actually, it works on the principle of pressure as well as high heat. Steam cleaners work on this same principle, whether small or big. Have you ever wondered why steam carpet cleaning machines are so big? The reasons are simple, it has its own steam generating and water heating system; consolidated in one system. How does it work? Water is heated to a very high temperature; the resultant steam is then compressed under very high pressure. This is then injected into the carpet and vacuumed out quicker than you can blink. This in turn removes the stains, dirt, dust and other debris from the carpet.

In the past, professional carpet cleaners tend to apply a special type of shampoo to clean the carpet. The problem with this form of carpet cleaning strategy was that it utilized a fair deal of excess water that a carpet would be left soggy for days. Today, due to technological advancements, all this has changed. Steam cleaners inject shots of high-concentrate cleaning solution as well steam into the rug and at extremely high temperatures. The big difference between the past and today’s technology is that steam cleaners extract approximately 95 percent of the cleaning solution and excess moisture on contact with the carpet being cleaned. Under this method, the carpet is visibly clean within a few minutes of starting the process.

Today’s technology versus the traditional methods

The older slow steam carpet cleaning methods left the room all soggy and soaking wet with excess water. Today, you could start the cleaning process now and within a few minutes, your carpet is ready for use. What this means is that the carpet is traffic ready within minutes of steam cleaning it and dry within a few hours. Before settling for any particular carpet cleaning method or technology in future, ask yourself this type of a question; how long does steam carpet cleaning process take? Choosing the right carpet cleaning method or technology will not only save you time, but also money and your carpets will last a good deal longer and look like new too.


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