Steam Carpet Cleaning Machines

Steam carpet cleaning machines come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices. Professional equipment can be quite expensive – a decent machine will set you back some £3,000, with top of the line models going for upwards of£9,000 – while domestic versions are available for as little as £50 or as much as £1,500. This article will give a quick run through of the different steam carpet cleaning machines available for both domestic and professional or industrial use.

Domestic Steam Carpet Cleaning Machines

Domestic machines come in three main variations, which we will take a quick look at below, and the type of machine you should go for will depend on your particular needs. An important number to look for when deciding on a machine to purchase is the bar pressure –this indicated how powerful the jets of water shot out of the machine are, and thus how deep into the fibres of the carpet it can clean. A good machine will have 4-6 bars of pressure, and this will be sufficient for most home users. You will also want to look at the tank size (a bigger tank means you won’t have to refill it as often, which also saves on heating time, but also makes the machine bulkier and heavier) and the cord length.

The three main types of domestic steam carpet cleaning machines are:

  • Upright models – these are generally powerful machines and due to their comparatively slightly larger nozzle size they are ideal for cleaning larger carpets, and often provide the most thorough clean. They are, however, the bulkiest to use.
  • 2-piece models – these are similar to a Dyson or Henry hoover in design, and are pulled along behind you while the nozzle is affixed to a tube. The impact area of the nozzle is thus slightly smaller, but perfectly adequate for a normal sized home.
  • Mop models – these are designed for use on hard surfaces, but top of the line models will often be able to clean carpeted areas as well. Unfortunately they are unable to provide as deep a clean as the models above, and are only suitable for smaller areas.

Commercial/Industrial Carpet Cleaning Machines

While there are commercial machines available at similar prices to domestic equivalents, they are precisely that – equivalents to domestic equipment. They are thus only suitable for smaller offices and the like. Larger professional machines have a tank capacity of some 5-20 litres (compared to an average 2 litres for a good domestic machine) and their power consumption will range from 1,200 to 18,000 watts (domestic machines generally range from 1,200 to 2,500 watts). The majority of these high powered commercial carpet cleaning machines have a trolley design and are able to produce some 10 bar worth of pressure, thus ensuring the deepest clean possible. They also have a significantly larger impact area, meaning that they won’t just clean deeper into the fibres of the carpet – they will do so at a considerably higher speed, enabling you to clean a larger carpeted area very quickly.



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