Rechargeable Steam Carpet Cleaning

People looking to purchase their first steam carpet cleaning machine often try to find one that is rechargeable and cordless; and this is a trend that appears to grow stronger and stronger every year. No doubt there are many steam carpet cleaner manufacturers working on just such a solution at any given moment, it would certainly be able to bring in a fair bit of profit if done well, but at the time of writing there are no such machines on the market.

Power Consumption

Batteries have always been a troublesome technology, and we are yet to develop one that can power large machines for long period of time. Further, they tend to lose charge capacity with quite some rapidity, meaning that they need to be replaced with an unfortunate frequency (laptop batteries provide an excellent example of this; many of them will last for 4-5 hours when new, but given them a year and this will have decreased to 2-3, and before you know it your machine will scream out for the power plug minutes after disconnecting it).
Steam cleaners, especially the more powerful models, consume a lot of power. Their wattage ranges from 1,200 (which is the same as a Henry Hoover on the High consumption setting) to 2,500. Needless to say, this would require a very powerful battery indeed, and as of yet this does not appear to be financially viable – or perhaps even realistically possible.

Battery Powered Steamers

There are, however, battery powered steamers. Two types of steamer are commonly available in a battery powered version, and these are:

  1. Handheld steam cleaners – the majority of handheld steam cleaners are rechargeable and cordless, but unfortunately they are not suitable for cleaning carpets due to a different steam technology and small capacity.
  2. Mop steamers – these are basically steam powered mops and they are very commonly available with rechargeable battery technology. Primarily developed to clean hard surfaces, cheaper models are not able to cope with carpeted areas. More expensive models, however, often include a carpet steaming setting, but this is not recommended for larger carpeted areas – generally speaking, you don’t want to clean any carpet larger than 4-5 square metres, and the result will be a considerably less thorough clean than what would be achieved with a purpose built carpet steam cleaner.

So, rather unfortunately, rechargeable carpet steamers are yet but a dream. The best way to avoid cables getting in your way is to clean your carpet systematically in a logical sequence; first of all, you want to work towards your exit, so as to ensure that you don’t have to walk over newly cleaned carpets. Secondly, and in order to avoid excessive frustration, ensure that you purchase a machine with a long cable, or have an extension cord at hand. Lastly, always make sure to plug your machine in near your exit – this will allow you to tidy your machine away without having to cross the newly cleaned carpet to unplug it.


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