Steam Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Steam cleaning your carpet will not only improve its appearance substantially, it will also increase its lifespan through removing deep-rooted dirt, not to mention it will help you get rid of allergens such as pet hair and dust. The majority of people live by the philosophy the vacuuming does all of the above, so why invest in a second piece of equipment? The truth is, vacuuming only removes dirt from the top third of your carpet’s fibres, and to get rid of deeper rooted dirt you have to use a more powerful cleaning technique, of which steam carpet cleaning is one. Luckily, you only have to steam clean your carpet once every year to year and a half.

Choosing Steam Carpet Cleaning Equipment

The very first step to a healthier carpet is to decide on a piece of equipment to purchase. How much you spend, and what grade of machine you need, will depend on two main factors: firstly, how big is your carpet? For an averaged sized home with no more than 80-odd square metres of carpeted flooring, a piece of steam carpet cleaning equipment in the area of £3-400 (and 4-5 bar pressure) should do the job. However you also need to take into consideration how dirty your carpet gets – if you have kids, pets, or a tendency to walk with dirty shoes on your carpet, you may need a slightly more powerful machine and should look for one with 5-6 bar pressure.

Finding a Good Deal on Your Steam Cleaner

We all love to save a bit of money, millionaires and paupers alike, there’s nothing like the feeling of shaking hands on a good deal. When it comes to buying steam carpet cleaning equipment, there is a lot of room for moneysaving – it all comes down to how much time you can set aside to search not only for a machine to that suits your needs, but the best place to buy it. Start by doing an online search for steam carpet cleaning equipment and try to locate a site that you like and that stocks a wide range of machines. Next, pick a couple that have a good bar (pressure) to price ratio and write down the price model name. Third, do a second search for the models you like and locate dealers that stock them to compare prices. Finally, do a third search but this time for discount codes for each of the dealers that stock it.

Alternatively, you may want to look in to renting a machine when you need one. There are a lot of places where you can do so in most medium-large cities, and you may even find that professional steam carpet cleaners have more basic machines up for rent; this may seem counterintuitive since you’d think they are losing customers by renting out equipment, but they are in fact just being smart and reaching out to a completely new segment. Renting could save you a fair bit of money in the short-medium term, but in the long run investing in a machine might be more financially sound.


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