What Is The Average Cost For Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning is one of the most preferred methods of carpet cleaning. It is also the most recommended by manufacturers. This is because of its deep cleaning attributes that help remove deep lying dust and other particles and stains. When looking to clean your carpet, the best option is to have a professional services company to do the cleaning for you. They have better facilities and are skilled.  Hence, they will do a better job.

It is advisable to have your carpet cleaned every 12 to 18 months. This will prevent it from being clogged with dirt. Most people are fearful and apprehensive of having their carpets steam cleaned professionally because of the costs. However, the costs should not put you off, as they are fairly affordable. Costs vary between companies so it is difficult to exactly define what is the average cost for steam carpet cleaning.

What determines the cost of cleaning?

The cost of steam cleaning is determined by various factors. One determinant is the size of the area to be cleaned. This will be established by the amount of square footage that will be cleaned. The size of the area to be cleaned will clearly affect the price charged. Other factors considered include the chemicals used, techniques used, and the equipment used for cleaning. The better the services and facilities the higher the charges tend to be. However, this is not usually the case for each company and some services have very little price differences. The cost of steam carpet cleaning also tends to differ from one place to another.

Average steam cleaning costs

Most carpet cleaning companies will charge per square foot to be cleaned. There are also different room charges. The bathroom carpet is cleaned for about £15-£30 per room, the bedroom carpet is cleaned at between £20-£35, just as is the case with the kitchen carpet. The landing and hallway carpets cost £15-£30 on average, whilst the living room costs £20-£35 on average. The figures may vary slightly in the case of commercial buildings.

Additional costs and discounts

There are several additional costs that may increase the overall price of cleaning. These include stair cleaning charges, which tend to be higher and will cost around £20-£50. There are also costs for stain removal. These costs will depend on the type and extent of the stains. Another charge is for the removal of odour and urine. While light furniture might not be charged, heavy furniture movement is charged, depending on the carpet cleaning company policy. The other charges will depend on whether you have asked the company for services like furniture cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

On the other hand, there are several discounts that you can get either in terms of reduced prices or free services. Such include free spotting and pre-treatment and free deodorising and stain removal. You can also get discounted prices for furniture cleaning or a total reduction in the price if you combine upholstery and carpet cleaning. The best way to enjoy even more discounts is to have a contract with a specific company. However, avoid cheap deals which will deny you the best steam carpet cleaning service.


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