Vax Steam Carpet Cleaning

There are many different brands of carpet cleaning systems, and some are better than others. You may have your own opinion on the manufacturer you prefer and usually this will be based on positive personal experience. Vax is an established company that has been producing carpet cleaning products for some considerable time.

Vax steam carpet cleaning has a range of carpet cleaners and these are used in a professional capacity by some, or just for household domestic chores by others. You can find compact models that can also double up as a vacuum cleaner, or upright models that range from basic to sophisticated.

Steam cleaners for hard floors

If you do not have carpets but have an alternative floor covering, do not despair as Vax offer a great steam cleaner for you. So you see this is a company that does not only offer Vax steam carpet cleaning systems, but also caters for other floor coverings too. Choosing an upright model to clean floors, either carpeted or not, needs careful review. Not everyone is standard height and some models are made for a certain height and if they do not have any adjustability you can find yourself with an aching back.

Simplicity itself

Most Vax steam carpet cleaning systems are simple to use. You will usually have to read instructions to ensure you perform the procedure correctly. This may sound like common sense, but I am sure we all know someone who doesn’t need to read instructions because they can guess what to do. This can lead to putting the cleaner together in a way that makes it ineffective or faulty and this can give inferior results. Of course, it does not take a rocket scientist to use the Vax steam carpet cleaning correctly, but to ensure great results you do need to read the individual user manual supplied with the cleaner.

One of the best out there!

If you are looking at Vax steam carpet cleaning you may consider the Vax V-085. This is a compact steam cleaner with a great 1600 watt output. It has a long cable to allow you great manoeuvrability and is lightweight too.  It is true there are more powerful upmarket models available, but priced from £50 this is an excellent first choice from Vax steam carpet cleaning. Not only will you find yourself deep cleaning your carpets (and curtains, sofas, soft furnishings – the list goes on) in record time, but also the outstanding results will speak for themselves.

This great model has almost 1 hour of steam so you don’t have to go back to the tap to keep re-filling the reservoir. This is an absolute bonus as many models that are more expensive than the Vax steam carpet cleaning have smaller reservoirs and shorter working time. Spending more time on re-filling is one job that you should avoid if at all possible. That said, if you only have a small area to cover, or are just steam cleaning upholstery, then you might want to under-fill the tank. This will also make the cleaner more lightweight too, although the wheels give it such portability; this generally isn’t a problem.


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