Steam Carpet Cleaning Faqs

For decades, carpets have been one of the most prominent decor pieces for both the home and the office. However, they are prone to dirt, thus need proper cleaning and regular maintenance. Accidental liquid spills and other items cause smears and stains on the carpet. Additionally, dust and other substances frequently adhere to the carpet fibres, resulting in dust and dirt accumulation. It may also lead to dust mite infestation or mould and mildew formation.

Dirty carpets not only look bad and smell unpleasant, but they also aggravate allergies. Whilst vacuum cleaners suck out most of the dust and other dirt, they don’t completely clean out the carpet. To remove the stubborn dirt and stains that fail to be removed by the vacuum cleaner, the carpet should be steam cleaned. Analysed below are some steam carpet cleaning FAQs and frequently asked questions.

What is carpet steam cleaning and how often should carpets be steam cleaned?

If taken literally, the terms ‘carpet steam cleaning ‘can be misleading, as the process actually does not use steam to clean the carpet. What actually happens is that an appropriate vacuum cleaner first sprays a cleaning solution deep into the carpet. Its brushes then robustly scrub the wet carpet deep into its fibres. Its then sucks up the dirty solution and stores it in its reservoir for subsequent disposal.

When carpets are regularly and properly cleaned and maintained, they last for longer. Nowadays, carpets are designed to conceal dirt particles that they regularly collect. As such, even if they actually do not look dirty, it is recommended to frequently steam clean them, as it is the unseen dirt and allergens that cause the most damage to your carpet.

What is the best steam carpet cleaning system?

There are many reasons as to why spots may occur after a carpet has been cleaned or vacuumed. The main one is due to the presence of residue after normal carpet cleaning routine. To remove these residues, properly steam clean the carpet.

The best steam carpet cleaning system is the one that doesn’t leave residue after the cleaning process. If handled properly, most steam cleaners will leave the carpet residue-free and nearly dry. When a proper steam cleaning process has been followed, the average drying duration is less than 3 hours. However, depending on the weather conditions, this average drying time varies accordingly.

There should be no odours after a normal steam cleaning process has been performed. Unless you have such issues as urine problems, the normal steam cleaning procedure leaves no odours on the carpet.

Can the steam carpet cleaning process make you ill?

There is no proof that steam cleaning a carpet causes illness or makes a person sick. In fact, quite the reverse is true. Steam cleaning the carpet can help to eradicate allergens if done properly. Your carpet is the largest air filter in your office or home. As such, carpets should regularly be steam cleaned so as to eliminate the resultant dust, dirt and allergens that accumulate with time.


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