Pro Carpet Care Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpets start getting dirty right from the day they are installed. This is the reason why people prefer to maintain them from very first day. Even if your carpet is not new anymore, you must pay special attention to its cleanliness. It becomes extremely important if you have children or pets in your home, as unhygienic carpet may give birth to some serious health issues at a later stage.

Hiring Pro Carpet Care steam carpet cleaning

Once you have realized the importance of a clean carpet, you may start looking for some professional’s assistance. Pro Carpet Care steam carpet cleaning is the best company you can ever consult. They have hired well experienced people who have sound knowledge on how to remove dust and allergens from the carpet and make it clean and new once again. Hiring the well trained staff for steam carpet cleaning is very important because an untrained crew will simply end up shortening the life of your carpet or may spoil the overall appearance.

Pro Carpet Care steam carpet cleaning performs proper site evaluation as well. They visit their client’s place and define the traffic areas. They examine the floor plan and draft a colour coded plan by indicating high, low and medium traffic areas. High traffic areas usually comprise of the lounge, stairways, and entrances, whereas, non core corridors fall into the category of medium traffic areas. Other unused corners fall into the low traffic category.

Once the traffic areas are well defined, the Pro Carpet Care steam carpet cleaning staff determines which method of carpet cleaning will suit the most. They are highly dependable and punctual. With updated equipment for carpet cleaning, they make the entire process very smooth and comfortable.

Carpet maintenance procedures

Pro Carpet Care steam carpet cleaning offers the hot water extraction service to their clients. The hot water extraction method is highly preferred, as this tends to remove the dust, which is deep rooted in carpets. Many companies use different types of chemicals, which can end up damaging your carpet. Chemicals tend to attract dirt and should only be used when needed.

The main key top ensure perfect carpet cleaning, without damaging the appearance, is the use of a proper combination of methods and chemicals in the most effective manner. Pro Carpet Care uses hot water as its main cleaning agent, which has no side effects both in the short and long term.

Once your carpet is properly cleaned, it will be quite easy for you to maintain it. Vacuuming happens to be quite an effective method of keeping your carpet clean for quite a long time. Most of the dirt comes out with vacuuming. It is preferred to vacuum the high and medium traffic areas regularly to attain best results. For low traffic areas, vacuuming once a month is quite sufficient. Pile lifting is another carpet cleaning process that is believed to be more effective than vacuuming the carpet. It is recommended to undertake pile lifting once a month in all high and medium traffic areas.


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