Prime Furnishing Steam Carpet Cleaning

Deciding to steam clean your carpet is a decision that you may have put off for some considerable time but you have now decided that you definitely need to do it – or replace your carpet! Prime Furnishing steam carpet cleaning can help your carpet look like new without too much effort.

It has to be said that steam carpet cleaning should not be the only means by which you clean your carpet. It is essential to vacuum your carpet on a regular basis to remove all accumulated surface debris. However, Prime Furnishing steam carpet cleaning can penetrate right down to the roots of the carpet to remove any stubborn dirt that has hidden there. Additionally it renews the surface of the carpet too, making it give the appearance that it has just been bought, even if your carpet is some years old.

How to steam clean your carpet

It is really easy to steam clean your carpet but there are a few rules to follow to ensure you get the exact results you want from your Prime Furnishing steam carpet cleaning:

  • Make the floor areas as clear as possible by removing all furniture. If all furniture can’t be removed, then try to clean the room in two halves. Many cleaners leave the surface touch dry within a short space of time and this will enable you to do this.
  • Vacuum the floor before you start. This will ensure all surface debris has been removed and it is as clean as possible. You will still notice dirt being sucked up from the root of the carpet fibres to the cleaning machine during the procedure.
  • Test your detergent on a small unnoticeable area before you start the cleaning to ensure the colour in the carpet doesn’t run.
  • Follow the proper guidelines for adding the detergent to the Prime Furnishing steam carpet cleaning system. More is not always better – in fact it can have the reverse effect and may ruin your beloved carpet.
  • Ensure you have the proper detergent. Do not assume you can add any foaming wash to the Prime Furnishing steam carpet cleaning system. You may find yourself with a big problem and a soaking wet carpet too.
  • Ensure you have everything you need and everything is in proper working order before you start. Many people miss this step and they start to clean the carpet and realise there is a problem they hadn’t thought of. Be prepared!

Keep your carpets clean

Deep cleaning your carpet with a Prime Furnishing steam carpet cleaning system will keep it looking good for a long time, particularly if you take time to ensure as little dirt as possible is ground into it. It is expensive to buy carpets for a house and if you have to replace them ever couple of years this is not very cost-effective. The alternative is to have carpets that look shabby and ruin the overall ambience of your house. Just a little thought can make a huge difference. In fact many people ask guests to remove shoes when they enter their home and this drastically reduces dirt being ground into the carpet, although it may sound a little insensitive.


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