Numatic Steam Carpet Cleaning

There can be few people that do not love the smiley face of the Numatic steam carpet cleaning systems. Not only that, all the systems have been given names too, Henry, George, Charles. I myself have a Henry hoover, and have had him for a long time. That is the beauty of all Numatic products, including the Numatic steam carpet cleaning range, they are reliable, long lasting, hardwearing, durable and their suction is first-class. You can pit them against any of the larger makes and models and they will pull their weight admirably, and in some cases, outclass them easily.

A multi purpose tool

Some of the Numatic steam carpet cleaning systems are designed simply to deep clean your carpet with steam. Other systems are designed to act as a vacuum as well. In fact, there is another class of Numatic steam carpet cleaning system that allows spillages to be sucked up with ease too, and that includes unblocking the sink! These 3 in 1 systems are excellent and each individual job is perfectly performed without fuss.

Not only can the Numatic steam carpet cleaning system clean your carpet, but it is perfect for stairs, upholstery, soft furnishings and curtains too. Coming with a range of attachments for the different jobs, the Numatic steam carpet cleaning system will ensure you can complete any routine household task quickly and efficiently whenever it arises. This will ensure that all your soft furnishings and carpets are always in tip-top condition.

Intelligent design

The Numatic steam carpet cleaning system has an intelligent design and knows instantly when the carpet changes to hard floor. It will automatically make that distinction and clean accordingly. This is unlike many models on the market that only have the facility to clean one or the other separately.

Is it affordable?

Numatic steam carpet cleaning is not the cheapest brand available. However, that said it is a quality product that will last for years with very little wear and tear. With many models the suction is the first noticeable sign of wear and tear. The Numatic steam carpet cleaning systems continue the same suction process throughout their lifespan, which is unless a motor part breaks or ceases, as can happen with any mechanical item after much use. I have bought countless hoovers in the past and none of them have lived up to their advertising campaigns. Suction boasted at a mean 1800 watt turned into a meagre less than 1200 watt, if I was lucky, and packing up after less than 2 months of use. That’s why I turned to Henry and I haven’t been disappointed.

Henry has been with us well over 10 years and still sucking strong with no repairs! You can be sure that the Numatic steam carpet cleaning system is the real deal. If the cleaner isn’t sucking up the dirt and debris then your carpet isn’t being cleaned. So it makes sense to get a combined model, if you can afford it, to ensure your carpets have as much dirt as possible removed when you vacuum and then the rest removed when you deeply steam clean. The best of all worlds!


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