Does Steam Carpet Cleaning Cause Any Damage

Also known as hot water extraction process, steam carpet cleaning is arguably the most utilized cleaning methods for carpets today. Not only do customers recognize it, but every major and small carpet producer recommends it as an appropriate method of cleaning a carpet both residentially and commercially. If you are the observant type of person, you might have observed a major difference in the appearance and texture of carpets adorning the offices and those decorating the homes.

In homes, most carpets are the soft and thick in pile variety. In a commercial setting, this type of a carpet would not last for long, which is why you normally get the hard and short piled variety. As you can see this is quite different to what you would find in a residential setting. Despite the difference in both the texture and appearance, the steam carpet cleaning method is applicable to both instances. But really, does steam carpet cleaning cause any damage to your carpet?

Why steam cleaning your carpet is good

Steam carpet cleaning is a wet kind of cleaning. As such, some people are of the opinion that it may destroy their carpet. Actually, this is far from the truth; steam cleaning your carpet does not destroy it, rather it allows it to last longer. The main reason for this is that the debris, dust and other dirt that could have otherwise shortened the carpet’s lifespan, are all effectively removed by steam cleaning it. Additionally, the steam carpet cleaning process does not involve the use of destructive chemicals that could destroy the carpet’s fibres prematurely.

Steam carpet cleaning session

Whether in an office, a home or a store, a steam carpet cleaning session starts with an inspection of the carpet to be cleaned. The carpet’s owner and the carpet cleaner then discuss the cost of the process, the problematic areas and the furniture to be moved. The cleaner starts by vacuum cleaning the space to be steam cleaned. The aim of doing this is to remove the accumulated debris, dirt and dust which otherwise make the carpet appear dirtier. If particularly stained, the stain spots should first be removed. In preparation for steam cleaning, a conditioner is then applied onto the surface area to be cleaned.

The lanes bearing the most traffic should first be agitated before the commencement of the steam cleaning process. This process is either done by a machine or manually and its aim is to loosen up the deep-rooted dirt particles stuck deep in the carpet.

After the cleaning process, a rinsing solution is applied to the carpet, and air movers are then used. Their main duty is to increase the rate of drying. The carpet fibres are then groomed with a rake-like tool to further increase the drying speed and improve the final dried appearance. Lastly, a carpet protecting agent is applied to the almost dry carpet so as to help protect it further.

In a nutshell, it is correct to say that the steam carpet cleaning process helps to protect the carpet from damage rather than destroying it, especially if done correctly. As such, does steam carpet cleaning cause any damage to the carpet? Going by the analysed points, the answer is definitely no, if done correctly by experts.


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