Can Steam Carpet Cleaning Be Used On Any Carpet

The carpet forms an important part of the decoration in the house. Usually, enough consideration is given to the type and make of the carpet, making this one of the important investments in the home. Therefore, it is appropriate that proper care be given to the carpet to keep it in the excellent condition you bought it in, and prevent damage. This is why the carpet should be cleaned regularly to remove clogged dirt and stains, which with time will spoil its texture and colour. There are several methods for cleaning carpets and steam cleaning is one of the best ways.

Fabrics affected by steam cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning can be used with almost every kind of carpet. However, older types of carpet fabrics, like the double jute backed carpets, and loose rugs with natural foundation yarns, may be affected. Steam cleaning these kinds of carpets may result in shrinking and torn seams, and it can uproot strips. Apart from this, steam cleaning can be used on any other fabric and is one of the best methods to keep any kind of dirt and stains out of your home. It will also ensure the visual appearance, texture and fabric condition of your carpet remain in their top form, and hence making them last longer.

Steam cleaning methods and tips

There are two major methods of steam cleaning. The first method involves spraying a cleaner into the carpet fibres and then using a hot water extractor, which injects a cleaning solution into the fibres to clean the whole carpet. This is the most commonly used method. However, since it does not allow for rinsing, a lot of residue is left behind in the carpet and this may affect its condition. For proper cleaning, you should use the second method of steam cleaning.

The second method involves using a fine rinsing pre-spray on the carpet. Then a special rinsing agent is injected through the carpet fibres during the extraction. The rinsing process allows the removal of any residual cleaning solution. This is possible through the use of the improved pre-spray and the carpet is cleaned in a much better way since any alkalinity in the cleaning agent is dissolved by the rinsing and the dye is fixed to the fibres. The cleaning agents also ensure there is no re-soiling of the carpet by the dirt particles. This method is the proper way of cleaning.

Some important tips you should remember when steam carpet cleaning include avoiding over wetting of the carpet. Failure to do this would lead to extended drying periods. You can decrease the time taken for drying by using air movers, such as fans, and providing adequate ventilation. Since most of the dirt in the carpets is dry dirt particles, you can avoid them by placing a mat at the entrance of the room over the carpets. It is important to vacuum the carpet regularly, as this helps remove dirt and debris and lifts crushed fibres. The two aforementioned ways are the best ways of steam cleaning a carpet.



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