Vapamore Steam Carpet Cleaning

Described as one of the leading manufacturers of steam carpet cleaning products, Vapamore pride themselves on customer service and claim that this is the reason they should be considered as the first option for any carpet cleaning woes. While they only have three products in their catalogue at the moment, the company has received praise from many quarters over the high quality of their products.

MR-100 Steam Vacuum

The MR-100 was Vapamore’s original product and is arguably the reason why the company has become so popular over recent years. Described as medium in size, the major selling point of the MR-100 is the attachments that accompany the device as users can alter the product depending on the type of clean they wish to initiate. In total, Vapamore advertise seventeen attachments that can be used alongside the product, with the following eight being arguably the most useful for the average user:

  • Steam gun with hose
  • Nylon grout brush
  • Jet detail nozzle
  • Metal detail brush
  • Cleaning head
  • Cotton mop cover
  • Nylon detail brush
  • Clothes cover
  • Fabric cover

The MR-100 also boasts a large array of features:

  • Boiler temperature of 250º F
  • Boiler capacity of 1.6L
  • An operation time of fifty minutes
  • A heating time of eleven minutes
  • A total weight of 4.5kg

Primo Steam Cleaner

Following the success of the MR-100, Vapamore have more recently released the Primo Steam Cleaner which is based on the same principals and is basically an upgrade of the system. Vapamore claim that using the feedback amassed from its predecessor, the Primo Steam Cleaner is one of the most efficient steam carpet cleaning products within the industry. It is marketed with a similar feature list to the MR-100, although Vapamore appear to have concentrated more on making the product much greener for the consumer with the chemical-free mechanism proving popular already. With this being the company’s leading product it is no surprise to hear that it is also the most expensive, with most retailers selling the Primo for around £180.

MR-50 Steam Vacuum

Vapamore are one of the few companies to produce a portable steam vacuum cleaner, which allow for the more acute areas to be give a much more substantial clean. As well as proving practical, the product is also highly efficient and will allow the consumer to remove odours and stains from a carpet with ease. Just like other Vapamore products, the company retails this with a variety of attachments as well:

  • Steam outlet cleaning tool
  • Carpet and upholstery brush
  • Smooth surface squeegee
  • Measuring / filling cup
  • Dust collection filter

In conclusion, Vapamore may only manufacture a limited range of products yet they have still become one of the most established steam carpet cleaning makers in the world. Unlike a lot of manufacturers, they specifically target the residential market meaning that all of their products are completely affordable to the average consumer.


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