Truckmount Steam Carpet Cleaning

Truckmount cleaning products have been on the market for many years, although it was the work of HydraMaster which allowed them to become more readily available. The origins of the company began in the founder’s garage, where Michael Palmer started to try and build a better truckmount device than he’d seen on his travels as a carpet cleaner. The build proved successful and once others in the area asked him to build them one, the success escalated as HydraMaster quickly became a multi-million pound company.

While Michael Palmer succeeded in bringing his truckmount cleaning system to market, it was only in the 1980s that his company managed to manufacture a truckmount product that utilized steam technology. These advances allowed the company to expand their product range and continue to dominate the truckmount market.

At the moment HydraMaster hold four ranges of product in their truckmount carpet cleaning range; Boxxer, Maxx, Titan and CDS. While truckmount items are generally for the commercial market, HydraMaster manufacture a hugely varied range which means that businesses of all sizes can utilize their products.

HydraMaster Boxxer Range

HydraMaster claim that their Boxxer range is targeted at entry level users and at the moment they have three items in this catalogue:

  • Boxxer 318
  • Boxxer 323HP
  • Boxxer 421

The whole range is targeted at the budget consumer and the fact that the Boxer 421 has been the industry’s top selling truckmount model over the past few years shows just how successful the range has become.

HydraMaster Maxx Range

The Maxx range is for those businesses who wish to utilize a slightly more advanced system, although at the moment there is just one item in this section and that is the Maxx 450D. It is slightly more advanced than the Boxer system, with a superior vacuum being the main advantage.

HydraMaster Titan Range

The Titan rage of steam carpet cleaners is described as the second most sophisticated type in HydraMaster’s catalogue. There are currently two products listed in this range:

  • Titan 575
  • Titan 875

The Titan products are the first range to incorporate the double wands system, which provides a much faster cleaning mechanism.

HydraMaster CDS Range

The final range is the CDS line of products and this is undoubtedly the most powerful from HydraMaster. At the moment there are four types of the product available on the market, with each targeted at the consumer who demands the maximum from their truckmount steam carpet cleaning system:

  • CDS 4.8 Overdrive
  • CDS 4.8 Overdrive w/ Salsa
  • CDS 4.6
  • CDS 4.6 w/ Salsa

The CDS range holds an array of advantages over the other products, with a 100 gallon recovery tank, three speed settings and two solution tanks being the most impressive features.

Of course, there are several other companies who manufacture the truckmount systems, with Jon-Don, Cleanco and Bane-Clene being prime examples. However, HydraMaster have established themselves as one of the market leaders over history and considering their vast product range as well, they give the best examples of truckmount steam carpet cleaning.


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