Rug Doctor Steam Carpet Cleaning

Unlike several of their competitors, Rug Doctor do not claim to have a story behind their product. Instead, their history appears to be of rapid growth and after starting in 1972, Rug Doctor has become one of the most well known carpet cleaning manufacturers in the world. They are mainly based in the United States but have many branches throughout the world with the United Kingdom, Australia, Puerto Rico and Canada all benefiting from their products. What’s more, following a takeover in 2007, Rug Doctor are attempting to branch out further and this is resulting in their business progressing even more quickly.

Unlike many other carpet cleaning manufacturers, Rug Doctor actually produce both machines and solutions. It would certainly be fair to say that their machines are more targeted for the commercial market, with the price and size of them justifying this viewpoint. However, many regular consumers are actively buying their cleaning solutions as they can be used in machines from other manufacturers.

Rug Doctor Machines

Rug Doctor have the Mighty Pro and Wide Track products in their steam carpet cleaning range. As explained before, both are targeted for the commercial market although many suppliers do offer rental options for those consumers who may just have the one job to complete.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro

The Mighty Pro series from Rug Doctor is based on three stages through the cleaning process; injection, agitation and extraction.

  • Injection – the product is built with hugely powerful jets that inject hot solution into the carpet. Unlike competitors, the size and design of the Mighty Pro means that the jets will ensure that surfaces are cleaned right to the bottom.
  • Agitation – Once the jets have been initiated, the machine activates a scrubbing mechanism that combines to further increase the cleaning power.
  • Extraction – The final stage of the process is extraction and this involves the machine sucking up any excess dirt. This dirt can then be easily collected from the machine and then disposed.

Rug Doctor advertises this product at £499, meaning that it is very likely to be out of reach with the average consumer.

Rug Doctor Wide Track

The Wide Track product is simply an advanced version of the Mighty Pro. The main difference is the overall size of the machine and this will result in the user being able to clean much bigger areas. For example, the brushes, the solution tank, the handle and fill coverage are all slightly bigger in the Wide Track. This suggests that the Wide Track product is more suited to large areas of carpet and it is unlikely for any residential properties to require it.

The Wide Track product retails significantly higher than the Mighty Pro at £699, which will again make this unsuitable for the majority of residential homes.

Rug Doctor Green Formula Oxy-Steam Solution

While it could be said that Rug Doctor’s steam carpet cleaners are too expensive and sophisticated for the average consumer, the company do produce a range of solutions that can be used alongside other vacuums. The Green Formula Oxy-Steam solution is one of these products and at just £9.80, the average consumer is much more likely to opt for this product.


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