Rotovac Steam Carpet Cleaning

Compared to the majority of their competitors, Rotovac is actually one of the more recent steam carpet cleaning companies. Its first product only launched in 1996 after the designer, Cliff Monson, decided to show it at the Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration (ASCR) national trade show in New Orleans. Since then the industry has become fascinated by Rotovac’s products and they have quickly become one of the big players of the carpet cleaning industry. While most of their work is performed in the United States, their products can be found all around the world.

Unlike a lot of companies, Rotovac appear to have concentrated their manufacturing on the steam carpet cleaning market. Many of their products utilize the steam technology and they have even released a small device that is specifically designed to target more acute areas such as stairs.

However, while their product range is extensive, Rotovac appear to mainly target the commercial market. Their machines are perhaps not as bulky as ones by Rug Doctor for example, but they are highly sophisticated and carry heavy price tags that would not be realistic for the average residential consumer.

The Main Product: The Rotovac Powerwand

Surprisingly, the main product in the Rotovac catalogue is the Powerwand and this is part of the same range that Cliff Monson designed back when the company was formed. The main selling point of the Powerwand is its ease of use, with Rotovac claiming that the user will have no problems in maneuvering the product to clean large areas. Other features include:

  • Cleans in two directions; up and back
  • Uses only 5 amps of electricity
  • Extremely portable, with Rotovac designing the product so that it can be transported through means such as a truck mount system
  • Weighs just 38 lbs

The Rotovac 360i

While Rotovac have mainly concentrated their promotion efforts on the Powerwand, the Rotovac 360i is something that is quickly catching up. On first view, the 360i appears to be of a much simpler design but it still possesses a highly impressive list of features:

  • Users can set what speed they wish the cleaning heads to rotate using a speed dial at the top of the product
  • There are a variety of different heads that can be purchased and then easily changed on the machine for different surfaces
  • Weighs just 39 lbs
  • Designed with the same portability benefits as the Powerwand

The Rotovac Steam Chamber

The Rotovac Steam Chamber is a relatively new product and unlike the previous two mentioned, it is specifically designed for smaller areas. The main feature of the product is the dome head, which combines all of the suction, steam and cleaning solution in one area. While most commonly used for stairs, the product can also be used for other areas such as furniture.

A Summary on Rotovac

In conclusion, Rotovac are another steam carpet cleaning company who specifically concentrate on the commercial market. They may not have been established for as long as other brands, but they still over a variety of cleaning products that will suit the majority of professional customers.


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