Numatic Steam Carpet Cleaning

Numatic is perhaps one of the most well known cleaning manufacturers in the United Kingdom, with the company’s Henry products being one of the most popular in the country over the years. Unlike many carpet cleaning companies, Numatic originated in England in 1969 and still keep their major manufacturing plants in the UK.

The company’s history is interesting to see the least and after starting out with just six employees, Numatic now employ over 700 people and produce 4000 products a day. Since 1995, the company has expanded its horizons to other parts of the world with Paris and Johannesburg benefiting from subsidiary firms.

Numatic Homecare Range

There is no doubt that the majority of consumers will associate Numatic with their Homecare range. This selection of products includes the likes of Henry, Hetty, George, James and Charles – the vacuums that have made household cleaning a much happier chore. However, even though this range has become world renowned, they do not utilize steam technology. This means that while the range is more than adequate for the majority of cleaning jobs, the cleaning mechanisms used are not as effective as many modern day products that are based on steam.

Numatic Cleancare Range

Numatic instead appear to have concentrated the more recent technology on their Cleancare range. At least two products within this range are steam carpet cleaners, with the Industrial 4 in 1 Extraction device and the Commercial 4 in 1 Extraction machine falling into this category.

Industrial 4 in 1 Extraction

Numatic have released three versions of this product, although all of them carry very similar specifications. The company boast that this range has become the most popular for contractors and they claim this is due to the design of the machine. Unlike many steam carpet cleaners the Industrial 4 in 1 Extraction models are extremely portable, making them ideal for contractors on the move. Numatic have also designed the device with reliability in mind, with the product being cased and well protected meaning that maintenance issues should not be a problem. The product is most definitely affordable for contractors of any size as well, with the UK price being around £387.

Commercial 4 in 1 Extraction

As the name suggests, the Commercial 4 in 1 Extraction device is not too dissimilar to the machine described previously. There are a few differences in specification although considering the fact that this model is more targeted at the standalone business, that should be no surprise. The Commercial 4 in 1 Extraction device is slightly less capable than the Industrial version, yet with the product retailing at a significantly cheaper price of £215 in the UK that is quite understandable.

Numatic Summary

Numatic built their brand on their Homecare products, with Henry, Hetty, George, James and Charles becoming enormously popular household cleaning machines over the years. However, when it comes to steam carpet cleaning Numatic appear to have altered their approach and they are directing this technology more towards their Cleancare range. In comparison to other companies, this range is completely affordable and while it is targeted at industrial and commercial users, they are still at low enough prices for the average consumer to consider them.


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