Hughs Carpet Steam Carpet Cleaning

Established since 1980, it would be fair to say that Hugh’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning have developed significant experience in the carpet cleaning field. Unlike many companies, the firm mainly concentrates on carpet cleaning and leaves all other home services to other companies.

Hughs Carpet Cleaning Process

Through time, the company has developed a list of seven points that must be satisfied for each job they complete. The processes read as follows:

  • The technician will firstly complete a pre-qualifying process.
  • Before the job begins, a pre-vacuum is conducted.
  • To fully prepare the carpet, the area will be pre-treated.
  • Following this preparation the property is now ready to be fully cleaned.
  • The technician will then make sure the carpet has a correct PH balance following the treatment.
  • A pile set is then completed.
  • Following the work, the technician will then conduct a post quality check.

Like the majority of established companies, Hughs also make use of steam carpet cleaning equipment. This is some of the most sophisticated technology on the market and involves the carpet being subjected to hot water, as this allows the whole area to be cleaned to the bottom. While the carpet will take around a day to dry, the carpet will be completely free of dirt and of a much higher quality than if it was cleaned using a dry method.

Truckmount Systems

As well as utilizing steam carpet cleaners, the company also use truckmount systems. This involves the main bulk of the machine staying on the van, while a technician will clean the property using an extended nozzle. As the machine does not have to enter the property, cleaning jobs are faster and more efficient. What’s more, any waste is dealt with outside of the property which is obviously positive for hygiene reasons.

Residential Services

While most companies have ventured into offering both residential and commercial services, it appears as though Hughs would rather concentrate on the residential market. They do not advertise any commercial services although as they do own truckmount systems, customers may be able to request small commercial jobs.

Disaster Restoration

It was stated that Hughs mainly specialise in carpet cleaning in their business, although they do have a sister company that handles disaster restoration. Aptly, the firm is called Disaster Restoration and has been established as long as the carpet cleaning business having been started in 1980 by the same Hugh Sinclair. The company have a team of technicians who are comfortable with handling any damage caused by water, fire and smoke and can complete any of the following services:

  • Structural Cleaning and Reconstruction
  • Odour Removal
  • Complete Household Contents Cleaning
  • Pack Out of Contents and Storage in our Temperature Controlled Warehouse
  • Vandalism Clean Up
  • Emergency Water Extraction Utilizing Truck Mounted Extraction Equipment
  • Ozone Deodorization
  • Trauma Clean Up
  • Laundry, Dry Cleaning & Deodorizing of Clothing

Hughs Summary

While they may be quite a specialised company, Hughs hold enough experience to classed as an established firm in the carpet cleaning field. Just like their competitors, they use the most advanced systems and while they seem to concentrate mainly on residential jobs, they possess the equipment to at least consider jobs of a larger scale. With the sister company Disaster Restoration providing other services, any home occupier should certainly consider utilizing Hughs’ expertise.


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