Hoover Steam Carpet Cleaning

While Hoover started out as an American company, it didn’t take long for their technology to migrate to the United Kingdom. Their products first hit the US shelves in Ohio in 1908 and following this success in the States, the company moved their services to the UK in 1919. Shortly afterwards they built their first factory in the UK after opening one in Middlesex in 1932. Since then, their growth has been exceptional and today they employ over 1,350 people in the United Kingdom alone.

Enhanced Clean Range of Products

One of the main reasons behind Hoover’s recent success is their developments in steam carpet cleaning products. The company claims that they are ahead of the competition in the way that their products do not rely primarily on steam and utilize other technologies to enhance their cleaning mechanisms. The products are based around a two-tank system which allows the operator to either simply use steam to clean their environment, or use another system which allows disinfectant to be injected into the process.

There is no doubt that the Enhanced Clean range are not specifically designed for carpet cleaning, although Hoover still claim that they can be utilized for this function. The ability to disinfect carpets using the Enhanced Clean technology will appeal to a minority and for about £120, this could be a very good purchase.

SteamVac Range of Products

However, it will be the SteamVac range that many consumers turn to. This is a product that is specifically designed to clean carpets using steam technology and with Hoover having so many models in their range, there are a variety of options for many types of consumer.

SteamVac Spotter/Carpet Cleaner

For those customers who are prepared to invest into their cleaning, the SteamVac Spotter/Carpet Cleaner could be the chosen solution. Priced at around £245, Hoover have packed countless features into the product to make it the best in the SteamVac range.

The main selling point of the product is the five rotating brushes that are installed in the base, which allow for the best possible cleaning experience. What’s more, as well as providing an excellent cleaning mechanism, Hoover have installed technology that allows the brushes to float and sit at various heights from the floor to suit different carpet types. Other impressive features include different brush roll speeds and a solution tank with a capacity of 1 gallon.

SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Power Brush

Of course, not everybody wants to spend hundreds of pounds on their cleaning items. For that reason, Hoover have released a more affordable range in the SteamVac catalogue and the base of these products is the SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Power Brush. Priced at £55, the item certainly doesn’t possess the same features as the other products in the SteamVac range, but it will still satisfy many consumers who simply need an easy cleaning solution. It may not include the different brush types that the more advanced solutions have, yet Hoover have still installed a thorough brush mechanism that interacts with the simple controls to make an excellent home cleaning solution.


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