Clover Steam Carpet Cleaning

Clover Carpet Cleaning have come a long way since being founded in 1993 and while they started as a simple husband and wife team, they have progressed to become a large operation who handle the most sophisticated equipment. The company offer both residential and commercial services, with their jobs being aided through the support of both steam carpet cleaners and truck mounted systems. Like most cleaning companies, Clover not only offer a carpet service but they also provide furniture cleaning which is performed using similar methods.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Having been in operation for over fifteen years, Clover have established some core business principals. They list the following as important information that any prospective customers should know regarding their service:

  • The company provides free estimates on any type of cleaning.
  • Due the recent truckmount system, there is no need to bring the cleaning mechanism into the home. The only thing that will enter the property is the technician and the nozzle which will perform the cleaning.
  • The total charge for the cleaning is not based on the extensiveness of the clean, but rather the square footage the carpet covers.
  • The technicians will happily take care of the removal and repositioning of furniture throughout the cleaning process.
  • Using advanced steam carpet cleaners, there are no chemicals involved and all wasted is disposed of outside meaning the home will be completely fresh.
  • As carpets that have been cleaned with steam take a short amount of time to dry, technicians will supply protective tabs that will ensure that furniture will not damage the carpet during this drying process.
  • Fabric protectors and odour treatments will be applied upon the customer’s request.

Furniture Cleaning Service

Following on from the success of the carpet cleaning service, Clover added a furniture cleaning element to their business and this follows very similar principles. The service is for those individuals who own furniture that is badly soiled, with the Clover system aiming to restore it back to near-original quality. What’s more, unlike some services, a Clover technician will visit the property and do all of the work there, meaning that the item of furniture does not need to leave the home.

While steam cleaning process is preferred, the first task for a Clover technician is to analyse the state of the furniture and decide whether or not the steam or dry method of cleaning should be utilized. Once this has been decided the cleaning commences and Clover claim that over 95% of residual matter will be extracted, which should return the furnishings back to a very good quality.

Clover Summary

Having been established for such a long time, it would be fair to say that Clover certainly possess experience within the carpet cleaning industry. The fact that they use steam carpet cleaning machines shows that they also have the technology, making them an extremely good company for those individuals who wish to make their carpet return to its former quality.


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