Clean Freak Steam Carpet Cleaning

Clean Freak offer an extensive selection of cleaning products with their steam carpet cleaning range growing at a phenomenal rate. The company pride themselves on their excellent ordering process which usually sees orders turned around in 24 hours. This is most likely due to their gigantic warehouse which holds all 1500 of their different products in vast quantities. Clean Freak are owned by Packaging Tape Inc and with this company serving several high-profile clients since 1957, there is every reason to issue trust and class Clean Freak as one of the reliable companies in the industry.

While most manufacturers only touch the market of steam cleaners, Clean Freak have developed a large range with ten products currently fitting this category. Some of these products are sold within packages which highlight Clean Freak’s motive to target the commercial end of the market:

  • Heated Carpet Extractor
  • Heated Basic Carpet Cleaning Package
  • Stackable 3-Speed Air Mover
  • Sandia Sniper Heated Extractor
  • Adjustable Pump Carpet Steamer
  • Heated Automotive Detailer
  • 150 PSI Heated Carpet Extractor
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning Package w/ External Powerhead
  • Heated 200 PSI Carpet Extractor
  • Adjustable PSI Heated Carpet Extractor

The majority of Clean Freak’s products are retailed for thousands of pounds, meaning that the average consumer is generally excluded. Fortunately, the company regularly advertises sales yet still, prices are high and will not be affordable for the standard household.

Powerhead Carpet Cleaning Package

Out of the ten products and packages listed, the Powerhead is ranked as the most expensive and unsurprisingly the most impressive. Priced at around £1,640, the whole package focuses around steam technology with the user receiving seven items in total:

  • Heated Upholstery Tool
  • Heated Pre-Spray Wand
  • Heated Power Head
  • Stackable Air Mover
  • Trusted Clean Ultimate Galaxy 12 Gallon Box Extractor with Heat
  • Stainless Steel Stair Cleaning Tool
  • Stainless Steel Stair Wand

The package contains items to clean every imaginable situation, with Clean Freak making sure that every possible angle can be reached. The fact that steam technology is installed in the majority of items means that users will experience nothing but the deepest clean while using this range.

Maximum Galaxy Heated Carpet Extractor

While Clean Freak market a range of packages, they also sell their items individually. The Maximum Galaxy Heated Carpet Extractor is undoubtedly their most impressive steam carpet cleaner although with the price being approximately £1,275, it will only be available to a select market. It possesses a hugely impressive feature list with a 17 gallon capacity tank and 12" dual-jet stainless steel wand being the pick of the highlights.

Clean Freak Summary

Considering their vast product range, there is no doubt that Clean Freak are a huge player in the steam carpet cleaning industry. However, all of their products are highly advanced and with that, the company appears to have priced themselves out of the residential business. Still, for commercial users the products are superb and with all of the packages carrying large savings, there are plenty of options for businesses to explore.


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