Bissell Steam Carpet Cleaning

Like many of the carpet cleaning companies, Bissell originated in the United States. The company’s history is colourful to say the least and it was established after a husband and wife became tired of the sawdust that used to become embroiled in the carpets of their crockery shop.  The husband of the couple, Melville Bissell, created the solution in the form of a carpet sweeper and as word around their area passed on, Bissell released more products and the demand continued to grow. The result was a multi-million pound company who produce some of the most impressive carpet cleaners in the world.

Steam Mop MAX

Steam carpet cleaners might be becoming increasingly popular, yet strangely Bissell produce just one item that uses this technology at the moment. That product is the Steam Mop MAX and according to the manufacturer, any surface will be easily cleaned.

Steam Mop MAX Features

There is no doubt that in comparison with other brands, Bissell have created a product that looks worryingly simple. However, the Steam Mop MAX certainly possesses some highly impressive features, as explained here:

  • Steam on demand – a simple button means that the user will only utilize the steam element of the device when required.
  • Carpet refresher attachment – For those carpets that are filled with bad odours, the carpet refresher attachment will look to completely wipe clear any bad smells that have become embedded in the material. In the current version, mint and eucalyptus scents are injected into the process.
  • 5.48m cord length – a respectable cord length means that the majority of rooms will be easily covered by the Steam Mop MAX.
  • No chemical cleaning – the Steam Mop MAX does not use any chemicals, meaning that users will benefit from a much more natural cleaning process.
  • Any floor surface – Bissell claim that their product will be able to handle any type of floor surface, with marble, ceramic, stone, vinyl, laminate and linoleum all being easily targeted.

Price of the Steam Mop MAX

Bissell have only produced one steam carpet cleaning product, yet they appear to be targeting those who are looking to buy on a budget. The price of the Steam Mop MAX on Bissell’s website is £89.95, a figure that is significantly lower than many other companies who manufacture steam carpet cleaners.

Bissell Steam Carpet Cleaning Summary

In conclusion, Bissell may be an established brand of the cleaning industry yet they do not appear to have penetrated the steam carpet cleaning market too intensely. At the moment, they just have the one specialized product and while that is impressive, it will only appeal to a specific sector of the market.

However, the Steam Mop MAX is still an extremely capable item and for those consumers who are not looking to purchase a feature-heavy product, this item will be more than suitable. What’s more, unlike several companies who produce the more expensive products, Bissell’s item is completely natural and this could open their market significantly.


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