Ab Fab Steam Carpet Cleaning

Established in 1989, The Absolutely Fabulous Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Company, or Ab Fab as it is most commonly named, has become one of the UK’s leading carpet cleaning companies. They currently have five offices with Henley-On-Thames, Great Missenden, Reading, Maidenhead and Newbury all benefiting from their presence, although they also provide their services across a much larger area. They offer a commercial and residential service, while their methods include steam carpet cleaning which means that all customers will benefit from a deep clean following Ab Fab’s work.

Areas That Ab Fab Cover

While Ab Fab currently hold five offices in their establishment, their work is filtered through many more areas. Their services are currently advertised all across the country with thirty two areas available for custom. Towns and cities such as Reading, Wokingham, Woodley, Henley, Stoke Poges, Slough, Sonning Common, Bourne End, Eton and Windsor are all included in this zone, meaning that Ab Fab stretch their work out to a large market.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Ab Fab claim that the main reason behind their large customer base is because of the advanced cleaning techniques they utilize. For their commercial carpet jobs, the company tend to use steam carpet cleaning which allows for the floor area to be completely cleansed and for all odours to be removed. However, for those areas that are less damaged, the company are more than happy to use a dry cleaning method which means that the carpets can be used as soon as the cleaning has concluded.

As well as specialising in carpet cleaning, Ab Fab also offer the following services to commercial customers:

  • Soft furnishing cleaning
  • Infestation cleaning services
  • Stain and odour removal
  • Anti-static carpet treatments
  • Stone, tile and grout cleaning

Residential Cleaning Services

Ab Fab also have a residential sector to their business although they offer slightly different services for this:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Oriental rug cleaning
  • Soft furnishing cleaning
  • Stone and tile floor cleaning

As part of their carpet cleaning service, Ab Fab claim to have superb expertise in the stain removal field. The company state that having experienced so many different problems with carpets through their history, they have now developed a set of techniques that will remove even the toughest stains from a carpet. They boast that they have saved clients thousands of pounds having restored materials to their former quality, meaning that investments in new goods are no longer required.

Ab Fab Summary

Ab Fab have established themselves as a competitive cleaner who serve large parts of the UK. Utilizing methods such as steam carpet cleaning, the company have amassed plenty of positive publicity and the fact they are members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association and the WoolSafe Certified Operator shows just how highly they are thought of through the industry. Covering both commercial and residential jobs, they are also one of the few companies who are open to practically every type of individual.


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